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Transmuting Anger and Accessing your Potency

Investment: $111.00


As women, we tend to sit on our anger. And let it fester, slowly simmer. And at some point, usually around our forties and beyond, this energy starts to surface. And creates havoc with our hormones, our moods, our sleep, our relationships, our sense of self. And we blame our bodies, try even harder, and push even more.

Ok, there’s a supportive way through perimenopause and menopause that you haven’t been told about. Until now. And you’re going to need some assistance to navigate this one. This is where the Pearl Pendulums come in. It’s an energetic release that will set you on a completely different, calmer, more elevated trajectory. If you’re just willing to bring out everything you’re stuffed under the carpet. The energy of every unsaid word, very betrayal, every rejection, every self-judgement, everywhere you’ve played it small.

This is not an intellectual exercise. It’s a deep trawling of the recesses of your body, where you have stored you anger, right down your ancestral line, and hidden it from even yourself. Because we’re all raised to be Good Girls. Nice Girls. Who don’t rock the boat.

This is a deep transmission. It will require you to be all in, boots and all. There will be some preparation for you, just listen to my instructions in the beginning. You’ll need to bring with you a list of those whom you have had issue with over the years; family members, incidents, work colleagues, business rejections, the lot. Bring it up front and centre. Feel into your field and see where you still hold that charge. This is a fast-track transmission to clear the way exponentially. So you can access your Potency, your stand-alone ticket to freedom to access your unhindered heart on the grandest of scales.

Happy transformation, my fellow traveller.