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One-On-One With Dee

Single Sessions

Sometimes clients require a deep dive on a particular issue that has stopped them in their tracks. They are simply stuck. This could be in business, in relationship, a family crisis, or simply a life crossroads. The clarity of just one session often changes lives.

During the two-hour session on zoom, Dee will be listening intently, asking questions and following the energy with the pendulums and the charts to unravel and defrag the energy to reveal the path forward. The session then lasts another seven days (via phone and text) to make sure all change has surfaced and integrated. A duty of care Dee takes personally.

A complimentary phone call is welcomed before the session, so that Dee has a clear understanding of the issues and is well prepared. This way the entire session time is devoted to you, the client, from the get-go.

Investment: $555.00

Monthly Intensive Sessions

Some situations require a deep dive, over a longer time period. This may take the form of a relationship breakup, illness, personal business challenges, deep depression and addictions. A layered approach is required to reveal lifetimes of distorted patterns that keep us small.

Working with Dee and the Pearl Pendulums, over the calendar month involves five weekly two hour zoom sessions with phone calls and texts in between. Dee walks with you all the way. This is a very personal process and invites you, the client, to really RECEIVE all the assistance that is being offered. This invariably involves out of business hours phone calls, and individualised focussed attention as realisations surface.

Dee will include additional transmissions from the stable, as required, to ensure no stone is left unturned. These are included in the fee.