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Releasing Anxiety Transmission

Investment: $111.00


To live in this world anxiety free, no matter our circumstances, is a seemingly impossible desire. However, it’s all just energy. Firstly, clear and recalibrate your field, quieten the voices in your head, and become the observer in your life. So, you can expand, not contract, slowdown and not speed up. And be present. For you. This transmission will defrag your field, elevate your frequency, and return you to a still point. From which you have choice. So, you can part the clouds, see the blue sky, and begin to expand your way forward. Without fear, nor overwhelm. One to revisit often, to move through the compressed layers in your field, and return you to your BIG self. Your expansive self. Beyond the control of others. For parents with anxious children, you can energetically bring your child into the transmission via your intention as well. If you have queries, contact Dee first.

Duration: 50 powerful minutes