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Doing Business in the New Paradigm

The old ways just don’t work anymore. For businesses to flourish in these times we are entering, they must abide by a new energetic template. One which hums up over 500 on the Level of Consciousness scale. We don’t think our way there, we surrender to something larger. Your business has a consciousness, it has a Divine Geometry. And if we stick to old ways, we stifle it. And it will wither, sit down like a racehorse on the track, or create insurmountable problems that we in fact created because we stopped listening. Or we got too greedy.

To create an ongoing energetic vortex that draws expansion, creativity, health, wealth, consideration, co creation, and is a place for all to shine, is going to take work. It doesn’t happen immediately. Some will leave, new people will arrive. All based on the resonance of the Divine Template that the Pendulums set up following the full-bodied immersion of the Founder/CEO. For it all starts there. The willingness to be of service to humanity opens doorways in the most elegant, efficient and miraculous of ways, when we know how to navigate the unseen. How to listen, how to restore boundaries.

Once the Divine Plan is in place, and the resonance established, attracting the right people becomes easy. For example, imagine reducing your recruitment process down to a few individuals, by checking their resonant compatibility with the business moving forward. A potential list of twenty applicants, looking great on paper, can be reduced to three within ten minutes by checking their resonance vis a vis the business moving forward, with startling accuracy. Saving you both time and money. Just one example of ease and efficiency that reduces stress and waste.

This is a dynamic new field of energetic exploration and recalibration which will have far reaching opportunities to leverage positive change in huge ways. Because ALL who work in the new expansive vortex of the business will expand and grow, and their many gifts and talents will find a new landing place to flourish. Doing business has never looked this good before.

This is a big topic. And it requires exploration, and honest soul searching. For the betterment of many.

If you are curious, we book a complimentary discovery session, to determine the scope of the change required and the willingness of all parties to expand and surrender to something larger than them all.