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Profound Body Love Transmission

Investment: $111.00


Most people judge their bodies in a myriad of ways. Hence the very vehicle that enables us to embody light and transform our lives, is separated from the equation. And we keep pushing it away, with the mind ever in control. Our larger self, our wise self, wants to inhabit every cell in our body and to do that we have to embrace and embody surrender. Surrender to a love so profound, we didn’t know it existed. This IS the Doorway.

If you have judged, berated, punished your body for eons (and who hasn’t?) this is the one for you. To return home to nourishment, safety, expansion, relaxation, peace, better health, better relationships, increased intuition and quiet joy is where we start.

Dee recommends coupling this transmission with her book, The Gorgeous Revolution, which creates the framework for even more love to land. See SHOP for details.

Duration: 83 minutes