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Eating Disorders & Body Dysmorphia

Many problems cannot be solved by the level at which they were created. We have to go beyond.

In Dee’s experience, eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia or orthorexia are not physical nor mental illnesses, they are spiritual. There is a deep chasm between the consciousness and the body, allowing something else to take over the mind. That deep hole cannot be filled by more talk, more discipline, more force. Nor logic.

In today’s world there are SO many ways in which the disconnection can be established, making it almost impossible to pinpoint where to start. But when approached from a higher dimension, with the assistance of the Pearl Pendulums, and Dee’s insight, the gordian knot can unravel with surprising speed and ease. When ALL parties are willing. It’s an energetic process, not a psychological one. Once this process can resolve the entanglement, the talking becomes easier. And the way forward unfolds.

Clients re connect with their bodies, the voices in their head resolve, and their relationship to food as the source of life, pleasure and nourishment can be re-established.

We have a discovery talk first to determine if all parties are willing and Dee puts together a bespoke programme, one transmission at a time. Very often this will take a ‘whole family’ approach.

Investment: To be decided after initial complimentary discovery call. At least one single one-on-one session is required to establish the working foundation for the sessions. Individual transmissions are $111 each, as required.