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Divine Union Transmission

Investment: $222.00


To love and be loved deeply, whole heartedly, without reservation, is a deep longing built into our DNA. Especially in these times. For these are the times when we are ready. Ready to meet our complementary other, our unique time traveller, the one who already knows us SO well.  Maybe we are yet to meet them, or maybe our own current relationship requires an upgrade; either way, this powerful transmission will restore and activate the magnetic field which draws you together, to meet each other afresh, anew in this lifetime.

Not all who read this are ready for this transmission. You will know. For this requires surrender to something indescribably larger than we have previously known. And it requires commitment. Commitment to self that you will love larger and deeper than ever before. The world is ready for Sacred Unions right now, and this transmission lays the Sacred Geometry for your unique partnership to land.

So, whether you are single and ready, or want to deepen the one you have, I invite you to ask yourself if you are open to a union where 1 + 1 = 3. Where two whole individuals commit to a union that creates something bigger than the sum of you both, something larger that can contribute to the lives of others, simply by being around you.

If so, thank you. The world awaits with an open heart.

Happy to have a discovery chat before you invest in this one.

Duration: 82 Minutes