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The Catapult Programme

Investment: $999.00


This unique five-part signature series with Dee and The Pearl Pendulums is to do just that, catapult you into a higher frequency. So you can literally change your reality to one that matches your new frequency. It’s just maths really.

CHOICE becomes easy. You are more present, more intuitive, more alive. Literally!

Each transmission is a distilled focussed download resulting from Dee’s one-on-one work with clients over the last seven years. Working at your own pace, each pre-recorded session energetically dovetails the last so that the layering enables you to integrate the upgrades as we go, in a practical, hands-on manner.

Dee also works with you one-on-one via text, voice messages and also group zoom calls.

We start with your body as your cat’s whiskers, move to potent circuit breakers to maintain your equilibrium, introduce simple yet profound approaches to generating your new life, trawl through the stuff that comes up to stop you (literally transforming it as we go) and finally celebrate your elevation with a most remarkable sixty-minute transmission with six of the pendulums to anchor your new Golden Architecture.

This is in fact an infinite programme, as each time you revisit the transmissions, you’ll receive even more.

Everyone around you will receive the upgrades as well, particularly your direct family members.

Dee is happy to have a discovery call beforehand to determine if this is for you. Just click on the contact link.