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“Dee is simply a delight to work with. 
Working with energies she was able to assist me through a deep dark rut that I had found myself in as I fast approached 50. 
I couldn’t see clearly and with her energetic work she was able to guide me through. I now see myself with renewed in my enthusiasm for my business and personal goals. 
Dee is deeply intuitive, is able to gently challenge and seemed to ‘get’ me like few others. This I found very important as it isn’t very often where one can open up, be vulnerable and feel safe. 
Thank you so much Dee. Without you my wife and I would not have had the confidence to take the big step towards our dream we have now taken in our life recently.”

Male client

“I’ve done personal development courses, been to healers and digested books, blogs and broadcasts in my journey to get to know myself better and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, has been as rewarding, deeply meaningful and transformational than the work that I have done with Dee.

I completed Dee’s Monthly Intensive Course in which you spend about two hours a week on a zoom call with Dee where you work through your ‘stuff’ and delve deep into any big questions you have about yourself, your partner, children, the way of the current world we live in and anything else you want to explore to help yourself expand and be the “bigger you” that you really are. With the help of Dee’s Pendulums, you feel yourself become lighter and more connected to your true essence and purpose with every session and Dee is only ever a text, picture, chat or Instagram message away whenever you want to touch base.

Some of this may sound woo woo but it is not, it was the most practical and grounding experience of my life and has given me everyday tools to help me grow and expand in ways I never thought possible. I am now more awake to myself, my relationships and the world around me than I ever have been.Dee is a warm, powerful and loveable woman and I am so grateful I have her as a part of my life. If you’re thinking about doing something with Dee then my advice is DO IT with two feet in, you won’t look back.”

Female client

“Working with Dee has been an absolute blessing. Dee is, without a doubt, the genuine real deal. No fluff. No ulterior motives. There is a joy, a humbleness and a curious wonderment working with Dee. It has been transformational and life changing. In fact, Dee has helped me to change the entire trajectory of my life from suffering to finding joy. This is totally priceless. This is what it’s all about. I have seen a great number of healers, practitioners and light workers over the past few years. Dee has been by far the most effective, efficient and truly in the heart space of service to humanity. She simply gets the job done!

The difference with Dee is she empowers YOU to find your own light. Even to those that feel totally helpless, hopeless and not quite believing that we can indeed become our own greatest healers, and our own masters of creation. The real question is, are you ready for Dee? I extend my highest gratitude for this amazing soul. Thank you so much, for everything Dee ❤️”.

Female client

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Dee on a number of occasions, mostly when I was facing some serious life challenges.  Dee first impressed me with her kind, empathetic and attentive nature, connecting instantly to the essence of the issues at hand for me.  Then, with a seemingly all-knowing wisdom, Dee awakens her exquisitely bejeweled pendulums and invites her profoundly insightful team of ethereal guides to come through and help set a path forward.  Questions, conundrums and doubts seem to just melt away in this magical space.  Almost like your personal oracle, Dee challenges one to embrace truth (which may not always be easy to face) and offers one the appropriate tools to build resilience.

Dee even comes with you after you leave her presence, sending with you her incredible guided meditations that support the resetting of old and unhelpful patterns and, from personal experience, can even leave one feeling totally euphoric.  Time with Dee is time to let go, to fully trust and to then lovingly receive a feeling of being held, of confidence, of knowing and of having a defined path forward.  I have always been amazed by the positive impact that sessions with Dee have had on my life.  I would highly recommend anyone at a crossroads in their life to spend some time with this amazing human.”

Male client.